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The cold porcelain : a great activity for the summer break

The cold porcelain : a great activity for the summer break

The cold porcelain : A great activity to do with your kids

Summer time soon, 2 month of holidays... we will have to find activities for our kids. Why not starting to create  medals, ceramic crown, jewlery in cold porcelain ? 

How ? A Child's play

The cold porcelain is a self-hardening natural paste. It is very easy to manipulate and work. Just take a small ball, make it warm in your hands and start working it. Make the shape, thickness you like and cut it with a cutter shape, knife or with your hands. Children can also put a leaf for example by slightly squeezing it which will then leave a nice design. 

Without cooking it's even more easy ! 

The big advantage with this product is that it does not require cooking ... You can just leave your creations within 24 hours. Then you can polish with a sand paper (fine grain) to obtain a lovely result. You can paint with acrylic paints or draw shapes, designs with a gold / silver pencil. You can finally handle them with a ribbon. Everthing is possible with a bit of imagination ... 

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Find in our web site the products : self hardening paste and the apron in chambray

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