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Monday the 1rst of april : It is not April fool's joke 

Departure day, the plan is to meet Fanny in Munich coming from Stockholm to then land together in Romania. I do not like so much the plane, missing my bicycle but I do not have really the choice... In Lyon, my first plane was delayed, I missed my connecting flight... No meeting point with Fanny, she had aleardy take off ... I am stuck 7 hours at Munich airport to wait for another flight. So... what are you doing in this situation ? Reading, working and connecting with the WIFI airport.  
BIG MISTAKE ... The error to avoid. Remember, it's better to not connect at the airpot ! The connections are not secured. Perfect to be hacked. 
So, the plane finally landed at 2 o'clock in the morning, then 2 hours of drive in small roads... Arrival time : 4 o'clock in the morning, exhausted... 

Tuesday the 2nd of April

The weather is beautiful, I met my sister, happy to know we would work together the 3 coming days on many projects ! We are making few pictures before going to the wood factory. I want to post them on my instagram account, but ... my account is disconnected. I am trying to connect, again and again... Impossible. The password is invalid. Fanny with her phone checked our account and realised the name has been changed. It is not anymore encorejouets but "walkeriik15_nolan" : a name I will never forget. No doubt our account has been hacked ! 

First thing to do: report to instagram that your accont has been hacked. How ? 

When you are trying to connect to your account many times without succes then insta is proposing a page "Need Help", there you can activate the function "Account hacked". Instagram is asking if there are pictures of you on your feed to proove your identity. Hopefully in our case, there were !

We then realised the hacker changed : the name / password  / phone number / email address ... Once you have reported that your acouunt has been hacked, you must then wait Instagram answer... 

8pm : mail from facebook

We received a facebook mail (FI - instagram and facebook are now the same company). The mail was asking to get a picture of me holding a paper with the code they just sent, written legibly... we were far away the smiling selfies. I sent everything and then waited again... 

Wednesday the 3rd of april : waiting time

Nothing. No mail, nothing happened in our account... we worked, read forums, tips and advices. In our hotel, there was this picture below of a bridge in the fog in the jungle! We were laughting, but the impression to face a big challenge and no clue how to go on the other side and solve the issue ! 

Thursday the 4th of April : nothing, nothing, nothing ...

Friday the 5th of april : low moral... 

Still nothing... And if we do not get our account back, if it is deleted. What are we doing... ? Starting over from nothing ? Hard blow for a small company like encorejouets. We get back to the airport, time to go home. It was time to say goodbye, I fell in Fanny's arms and started crying, SHIT ! it is unfair, so much energy to build this business, this instagram communty.

Saturday the 6th of april : black bearb and red heart 

We are sending mails, messages to insta via Fanny's account. Our encourejouets account is starting to move. The hacker is changing titles, increasing the following... We are paniking... we do not know what to do ... Will he delete everything ? 

Sunday the 7the of april: Let's assault ! 

Nothing, still nothing… I am starting to save print screens of my account, just want to save something... It is not only an instagram account, this is my entrepreunarial history, business I built day after day, shooting, taking time to have the ritghs words, sharing daily with my community that I will perhaps loose in just one click ! I am crying, this is a bit stupid, but I am so close and involve with this business, this rabbit folk ! 

8:30pm: Facebook mail : "We checked your identity, please find a lik to get back your account." I am calling Fanny, so happy and stressed. Tehn we started slowly, we are becoming a bit paranoid ! If the hacker realised that we are gettin back the account... We firt get back the name, then password and then activate as fast as we can the two factors authentification in security settings. 

How to do  ?

1 - select settings

2 - Choose "security "

3 - Two-Factor Authentification

Then, we clean… we are blocking weird followers... 

Monday the 8th of April : Start again

We are happy and glad that we get our account back ! And we promised we will write an article to share what happened and give you tips and advices if it happens to you ! 

What to keep of this misadventure :

We are lucky to get our account back, unfortunately this is not always the case ! 

You must be PATIENT, it can take 48 hours or months.

Mandatory : activate your Two-factors authentification RIGHT NOW

Do not forget to post sometimes a picture of you on your feed to help in case of hacking to proove your identity. 

Nous avons eu beaucoup de chance de récupérer notre compte, ce n’est hélas pas toujours le cas.

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