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          NINA ASTRUC

As a child Nina used to play at being a danseuse étoile (main ballet dancer), an Austrian Empress, a mother or even a groceries seller, and was never tired of playing with her two sisters. She also loved exploring her grandmother’s cupboards at her home in Saint-Marcelin-de-Cray ̶ an old presbytery with cold water and a toilet in the garden ̶ digging out items such as old prams or embroidered sheets. Her grandmother and then her mother soon decided to teach her how to cook and sew. When she grew up she became first a photojournalist for outdoor sports, travel and decoration magazines, and then a school teacher (for seven years) with a penchant for new learning approaches. Today she is still on the lookout for new challenges and has decided to take her chances by creating the toy brand encore! In the encore! world, a wild bunch of organic cotton rabbits imagine a new way of living in a friendly neighbourhood. Here helping one another and respecting the environment are main priorities and nature is always just round the corner. By the way, the rabbits’ first names ̶ Henriette, Fernand and Augustine ̶ are actually the names of Nina’s great-grandparents … in real life.

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̎Hey, can you ride downhill in Lentilly without brakes ?"  ̎ Yep, ‘course ! "

Well, perhaps that was a little tough on Lionel’s knees, but he still is the adventurous type. First a journalist and then a writer, Lionel has travelled around the world and written fifteen books (mainly published by Actes Sud) about the pioneers of the environmental transition (Pierre Rabhi, Vandana Shiva, Rob Hopkins, etc.) and the most environmentally-committed companies. After a few years of strategic monitoring for a Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) consulting firm and becoming the head of a foundation, Lionel was still keen to embark on new projects. That is when his wife Nina thought co-creating a family business might do the trick :

̎" Hey, can you set up the sectors of a range of eco design toys for me ?  ̎ Yep, ‘course !"

All year round Lionel loves climbing the mountains that surround his home and setting off on bike trips with his family and a couple of bags. And, by the way, you will be pleased to know that nowadays his bike is equipped with good brakes."


We are 3 : Nina, Fanny & Julie.  We make fun of one or the other, call names, and laugh ! Ah the sisters. On Wednesday, our plays take all space, time and have no limits, only the ones we set !

Growing up, we stay close, stand together even if Fanny left the Alps to work in Paris and then move a bit further north to live in Sweden. And then surprise !  Touched and concerned by scandinavian design and ecological approach, Fanny joined the encore! adventure and decide to use her skills and background in big companies to develop the small and happy business family. 

encore ! WHY ? 

Because we are parents of two lively children who are never tired of playing, creating their own cuddly toy mobiles. Playmobil® outer space bases or even treetop adventure parks for dolls. All day long they are bundle of energy and when they are exhausted at the end of the day they still cry out : encore maman, encore maman ! ( more mummy, more !)