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We have selected our suppliers on the basis of their reliability, high-quality work standards and strong commitment to Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER).

Our characters made of organic cotton are sewn by women working in a reintegration workshop in Calcutta, India. The seamstresses’ income and working conditions meet international standards and the workers benefit from professional guidance. 

Our wooden toys are made part in a reintegration workshop  ̶  close to Grenoble (France)  ̶  whose workers come from disadvantaged groups and benefit from social (health, mobility, accommodation, finance) and vocational (project development, job discovery, training, etc...) individual support and the rest of the production is produced in a company located in Transylvania, Romania (an EU member country), located 1850 kilometres from our offices ̶ that is to say twice the distance between us and Calais. The 25 workshop employees all benefit from social security and free healthcare and their income is higher (mainly) or equals to the legal minimum wage. They are regularly trained and an audit and safety training company visits the workshop four times per year. To make our products these cabinet makers use FSC certified (from responsibly managed forests) beech wood and watercolours. The wood waste from the workshop is used as fuel in the boiler room or is compacted and sold to heat other companies/households. This cabinet-making workshop makes high-quality items and is one of our key partners. 


The ENCORE ! Headquarters are located in a building which has been entirely refurbished by a company that specialises in environmentally-friendly construction Homeco, using only green materials and according to bioclimatic architecture methods.

Our electricity supplier is Énercoop ̶ the only one that is 100 % directly supplied by renewable energy producers, organised as a cooperative and recognised as being d'Utilité Sociale et d'Intérêt Collectif (of social utility and collective interest).

We print our labels and all our documents on FSC certified recycled paper.  


Importing our toys from Romania by lorry is a source of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions. Of course, manufacturing in France would have meant less transport and contributing to the local economy. However, we contacted about fifty workshops across France (especially in the Jura department) and none of them agreed to making our wooden toys (especially the small parts), given the rare know-how needed to manufacture these unique parts which are often made by hand. At a time when 80% of toys sold on the French market come from China, we believe Europe is a good compromise for the time being.

Our organic cotton rabbits travel from India by boat. Although this type of transport results in low pollution levels, distances are long and this certainly has an impact on the environment. Having said this though, cotton crops do only exist in warm countries. That is why we chose instead to assign the task of transforming the fibre to a local reintegration workshop which we are entirely satisfied with.